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"Feel" hydrogen bonds


A hydrogen bond is an attractive force between a hydrogen atom which is covalently bound to a more electronegative atom (positively polarized donor) and another electronegative atom bearing a lone pair of electrons (negatively polarized acceptor). Although the interaction is simple, it is not easy to understand from a textbook that the bond is an electrostatic force and its strength is distance and angle dependent.

  With the BasePairPuzzle, you can "feel" hydrogen bond as attraction and repulsion between N and S poles of neodymium magnets embedded into hydrogen bonding donors and acceptors.

"Feel" base pairing,

a fundamental rule of life


A base pair found in DNA double helix can be formed only when distances and angles of more than one hydrogen bonds meet certain requirements. Based on this rule, DNA can store our important genetic information.

  With the BasePairPuzzle, you can "feel" the fundamental rule of life on your hands.

Molecular modelling tool

playable on your hands


In the field of structural analysis and drug design, several 3D graphical modelling and visualization softwares are widely used. However, you cannot touch any molecules and cannot even feel attraction and repulsion between molecules in the virtual space.

   If you put the BasePairPuzzle beside you, the puzzle fitting comfortably in your hands would make your modelling more easier and fun!

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