Make Therapeutics, Nanodevices, and Future by Nucleic Acids
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Jiro Kondo Lab. x StudioMIDAS Inc.

Design Nucleic Acids

Sophia Biophysics Lab.​



Nucleic Acid Structural Biology

Nucleic Acids Therapeutics

Sophia Biophysics Lab. is one of the few laboratories in the world that specializes in nucleic acid X-ray structural biology. We are clarifying the three-dimensional structures of DNA and RNA molecules that work in living organisms by using our original crystallization and structural analysis methods .

Nucleic acid therapeutics are a new type of drug made from DNA and are attracting attention as a third-generation drug after small molecule drugs and biological drugs. We have been designing and developing new types of nucleic acid drugs based on three-dimensional structural information.

Nucleic Acids Nanotechnology

DNA is an elongated bio-compatible and environmental friendly molecule with a diameter of only two nanometers (two billionths of a meter). In our laboratory, we design and develop nanodevices made of DNA based on three-dimensional structural information.




Dr. Jiro KONDO

(Associate Professor)


I am an associate professor at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. I obtained PhD in 2004 from Tokyo Institute of Technology. My research interests include structure-based design of functional nucleic acids useful in medicine and nanotechnology. I have solved several supernatural nucleic acid structures, such as a DNA octaplex, a silver-DNA hybrid nanowire and a DNA-templated silver nanoclusters. I am teaching Biophysics, Biochemistry and Basic Biology in Sophia University. In 2015, I received The Young Scientist’s Prize of The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. 


Master's course student (M2)

   Natsumi EGUCHI

Master's course student (M1)

   Yusuke INOUE, Moena TAKAHASHI, Akira SATO

   Kaito MIZUNO, Takumi MIYAUCHI

Undergraduate student (B4)

   Miyu OZAWA, Saki KASAI, Mai GOTO, HeeJu PARK

   Chiharu MATSUMOTO, Haoshu XU

   Alexander Reid LANDIS

Internship (B3)

   Melissa Alifa Da Costa


Jiro Kondo Lab.

Departement of Materials and  Life Sciences, Sophia University

7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, 102-8554 Tokyo, Japan

Office: Room 9-655D​ 

Laboratory: Room 9-655C

E-mail: j.kondo[at]

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